TheMythofIdBookCoverIt is possible that what mankind needs is a new myth? It’s been over a millennium since an archetypal analogy poured down the pipe providing pattern to our passion play. Perhaps it’s time a fresh fable forme3d for fold to fancy. Could the old ones, although filled with ancient wisdom,lack a certain relevancy to our whacked out world? After all things have changed a tad – wouldn’t you say? What would Prometheus do with the Atomic Bomb or Icarus say about a man on the moon?

Into this voluptuous void steps our hero, “The Amazing Mr. Id”, a somewhat unlikely candidate for mythic proportions, but the Gods seem to be shining a flashlight into his eyes in order to wake home for KP duty to humanity. Id carrie3s the qualities of the Shaman and the fool, but it’s hard to decipher which is in control at any one moment. Somehow through a combination of innocuous innocence and cosmic clowning,. Id manages to stumble onto a path of profound prophecy for civilization to follow — if they care to wake up in time for breakfast in bed with the divine at the dawn of a new-newfangled age.


“Ingenious !” — AY

“I liked it, but then again I wrote it.” –jc

“Remember, wherever you go there you very well are aren’t; you?” –LB

I liked it, but I wish the author would have toned down the alliterative abundance.” –nasty critic in the future

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