I am a devout re-born surfer. Although I surfed in my teens around Manhattan, Redondo & Hermosa Beaches, I lost my way for 30 years and tended not to go near the water.
I don't have a good rationalization for these lost years. Life happened.  
Three years ago at the age of 52 after moving to Cayucos, I saw the light and returned to the world of surfing. You can imagine it wasn't exactly an easy come back, but after a few wipe outs and near drownings, I managed to coax my aging body back to some kind of shape and found I could actually do it again with a minimum amount of embarrassment.
Although I tend to stay close to my home surf in Cayucos and Morro Bay, I have been able to take a couple of great surf trips to Baja and Ireland Above is at Lehinch, County Clare Ireland, and to the right and left is at Rambo's just south of Todos Santos, Baja.

I plan on continuing my second coming to surfing until.........

My 13 year old nephew Devin on guitar. Uncle is proud!