Life's  an Art BookThis tomb follows Jim on his personal romp through the second half of the Twentieth Century –and odyssey that brushes up against fame, death and enlightenment, on a journey that is fed by the joys and sorrows of a lifetime in the exploration of musical wonderment. Jim’s a searcher who never quite finds, tut because of the search is led on a unique labyrinth of experience that takes on a real-life Forest Gumpian proportion — and every man’s attempt to lead a creative life outside the music ‘biz’, although he is continually knockin’ on that door.

You will recognize many of the names and faces here, as well as many you would never have heard of otherwise. Conversational in style, you will get a light-heated entertaining look into Conroy’s heart and the times he passes through — from his coming of age in the sixties and the discovery of both the power of music as well as his own power through that medium, to a surprise ending that comes just days before 9-11. You will take the ride of his lifetime, from innocence to the beginnings of wisdom. Enjoy yourself with someone who has had a ‘hell’ of a time trying to get ‘there.

Laura (Sinclair) Carlson
Laura (Sinclair) Carlson Major Conroy Fan
You are capturing memories for me. It is wonderful!
Bruce (Turner) McNeill

Anyway, may I say that at this point, the mere fact that you’re getting in the ocean these days gets a big high five from me.

ISBN 1-930401-10-8

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