Mystery Brothers

The Mystery Bros have been in existence for five years now, and we continue to explore a variety of styles including; blues, rock, country, gospel, latin & swing in both original and cover songs. When people ask what kind of music we play, I try to explain a little of everything hoping they will understand we are just four lads who like it all and feel no desire to be pigeonholed when we don’t have to be. What would you expect of a band who calls itself the Mystery Bros anyway? This is who we are although it is always up for examination.

Sometimes drummer Tracy Morgan will just use the Cajon (box), which makes for a lighter sound but is always fun and refreshing. We practice at keyboard player Bruce Beck’s secret beach hideaway, which is inspiring to watch the surf and make music at the same time. Sometimes bassist Billy Baxmeyer doesn’t wear a hat, but usually he does, which keeps all those great musical ideas from escaping prematurely.

Here we are on a lovely Saturday afternoon at our favorite local bar “The Fuel Dock” grooving big time while Farmer’s Market is going on outside. I seem to have slipped into some kind of inner ecstasy being bathed in the light of the Dock or maybe I’m just savoring a sip of Firestone.

Bruce thinks we are the best band in the world, probably an exaggeration, but we have our moments.

Currently (’13) conga player Paul Trent has joined us and we add a drum kit player when it feels right, usually Daryl Vandruff or Darrell Voss. When we perform my original music, we are James Conroy & the Mystery Bros, but when we do other music for parties etc. we are simply the Mystery Bros.

Below is a video done live at Bon Temps Cafe for songwriters at play with a camera phone so quality is so so, but it’s all we have right now. Turn off song at top of page before playing video.



“Some Change’ by Boz Scaggs, which is one of the first tunes we learned to play together