Espiritu Vagabundo

Espiritu Vagabundo was a performance piece I put together a few years ago that was a CD of original tunes where I played and sang everything, and also a stage show where through technology I was able to have four of my selves on stage at the same time playing those songs. The making and breaking of that show is documented in my new book “Of Course.”

Musical track from “Heart Searches’

Vagabundo Mobile Camped Out in Baja

The Vagabundo Mobile Camped Out in Baja

It is also a way of life that I am trying to create that lets the soul and body go where they choose and not where they are told or expected to go. This is sometimes easier said than done, but basically I want to travel more while allowing the spirit to roam also. To remain creative and occasionally feel useful are two other goals.







Below is a video of the only remaining evidence of the Espiritu Vagabundo multi-media extravaganza.  Allow me to try and explain: On stage were 3 screens (imagine doorway size), and each screen contained one of the characters either Mr. Id, Geronimo or Seamus, and I was the fourth part live onstage.  The show contained the 10 songs from the album of the same name with all musical parts played by moi.  In between songs there was banter and a drama unfolded where the other band members have a disagreement with Id who is a tad whacky.  The band makes it through the show and everyone’s happy except for me who has to haul around the two tons of equipment it ended up being, which just made me long for the simplicity of one acoustic guitar and a voice again.

Before playing the video go to the top of the page and turn off the song that is playing.