Early Years

ID at Arnold Elementary June '66

At the beginning of 1966, The I.D. was born from two other garage bands, “The Bountymen,” and “The Darkwaters.”  Over the next three years, we climbed the rock ‘n roll stardom staircase and fell off at the top rung.

ID articleJC and IDgirl 001

Our name was Indescribably Delicious, but everybody called us the ID.  In retrospect, we should have changed out name to just that, as it might be a little easier to swallow now, but in spite of our name we had great success from the get go.  Our first gig was a battle of the bands, which we won, and we never looked back.  We played all over the So Cal area and opened for a lot of the major acts of the day: The Seeds, The Midnighters, Jimmy Reed, Stone Poneys, Steppenwolf, Buffalo Springfield, The Yardbirds, The Turtles, Jose Feliciano, and Steve Allen plus others.

ID at the Forum

As the sun set on the summer of love in ’67, we heard our single played on KRLA for about a month, but it didn’t chart.  Our big chance at being a one-hit wonder was lost, but it was the best time I had in my life.

Mother Pluckers 1972 – 74

In ’72, my cohorts Bruce Turner,  Marc Cohen and Lil Elmo the roadie from the ID days met up in the SF Bay area and commenced to pickin’ and grinnin’.  To put is more succinctly, we started playing country music for some unknown reason. For the next three years, we roamed the redneck bars of the bay area with our hippie looking cowboy band.  If you could play Merle, Johnny and Buck well enough, you were accepted (usually) in spite of the way you looked.  Below is a TV show we made with our friends Clover who were about the best band ever.  Unfortunately, the Clover portion was mostly damaged, but the Pluckers are immortalized in film.

Long live those Mothers!